The Half Wild: Podcast aims to be an outlet for some of the best dance music in the world. From roots in progressive and techno, through to lashings of trance, house, breakbeat, drum’n’bass and everything in between – each episode aims to take you on a true DJ journey through music.

Every episode is mixed and recorded on the fly, either from the studio or live at an event. Resident Sebastian Wild hosts the main stay of the show while we frequently invite guests from right across the globe to join us. Past guests include internationally established artists & DJ’s such as: Stoneface & Terminal (Germany), Steve Mulder (Holland), Nifra (UK), Kris O’Neil (UK), Lautaro Varela (Chile), Tom COSM (NZ / AU) among others and a host of other local talent from across New Zealand & Australia.

The podcast is available through multiple outlets including; iTunes, Soundcloud, Mixcloud & through selected FM radio stations.


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